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Art Classes That You Should Attend In London

Art can heal your heart. It not only gives a feeling of achievement but also a peaceful feeling. Art is now often used as a therapy to overcome anxiety and depression. Even if you are not an artist, you can now find a new hobby. Here are some good art classes you can join in London.

Saturday Life Drawing in Shoreditch

This class takes place every Saturday at the Royal Drawing School. People of any background and age can join this class. The class takes place throughout the entire day, so you can choose your flexible hours. A model will be brought to each class, and he or she will be posing in different ways. An experienced tutor will guide you throughout your new journey.

Pottery at The Kiln Rooms, Peckham

You will love the feel of clay in your hands once you join the class. There is a taster session and a beginner’s course to start with. Here you will learn the basic techniques of pottery making. The class can be messy and fun. It will help to reduce your stress.

Colour painting at the Royal Academy

If you want to play with acrylic and watercolour, then you must join this art class over the weekend. You can express yourself freely using these colours. Your guide will help you to put on the best strokes to make your artwork impressive. You will learn how to give expressions in a drawing.

Hampstead Heath photography workshop

Do you love to take photos? Then you can take your passion to another level by joining this class. It’s a one-day workshop where you will learn how to take photographs of wildlife and nature. You will know about tone, contrast, composition, and texture. You will also get hands-on training in editing and printing photographs.

Printmaking at Heatherley School of Fine Art, Chelsea

You can spend your Saturdays doing a 12-week course on woodcut, etching, lithography, and silk screen. You will be taught by experienced printmakers. You will be working in a professional studio and learning these techniques.

These art classes will teach you new skills. You can refresh your mind from the busy life by joining these classes. Most of these classes take place during weekends, so you can find the time for a wonderful escape.