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6 Best Art Galleries In the UK

England has a strong artistic heritage. You will find some world-class art galleries here. The galleries are filled with masterpieces of famous artists all over the world. If you are fond of art, then you must visit these wonderful art galleries in the UK.

Tate Modern, London

This art gallery is located on the banks of the beautiful River Thames. It is the national museum of contemporary and modern art. Here you will find artworks from famous artists, including Cezanne, Rothko, Warhol, Matisse, and Pollock. Throughout the year, this art gallery hosts several exhibitions and other art-related events.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

It is one of the oldest art museums in England. It contains Oxford University’s awesome collection of art from around the world. You will find ancient Japanese paintings and Raphael drawings here. You will find the masterpiece ‘The Hunt in the Forest’ by Paolo Uccello.

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Here you will find a wide collection of sculptures and paintings. The gallery includes both ancient and modern art. It has one of the largest collections of Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian art. It includes the paintings of famous painters like Turner, Monet, Rembrandt, and others.

Royal Academy of Arts, London

This art gallery promotes the arts of modern artists and also the practice of art. It hosts various exhibitions where people get to share their opinions. You can get a glimpse of the upcoming artists in this gallery.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This gallery showcases works of British and international artists in the open air. You will see sculptures of famous artists being displayed in the open field. The works of Anthony Caro and Henry Moore are included here.

The Hepworth Wakefield

This art gallery is located in the Yorkshire city of Wakefield. This gallery is named after a famous British sculptor named Barbara Hepworth. The gallery showcases exhibitions of artworks of contemporary artists. If you want to see modern art, then you must visit this place.

People from around the world visit these art galleries. Various exhibitions are held here throughout the year. These exhibitions attract art lovers, and they get to see the works of the modern and upcoming artists along with the famous ones.

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