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5 Art Exhibitions You Should Attend In London This Year

It is known to everyone that London is a place where artists are appreciated. You can tell this by looking at the numerous art galleries and museums across the city. If you visit London, you shouldn’t miss going to some of the interesting art exhibitions they hold around the year. Here are some exciting art exhibitions you can attend this year in London.

‘Lee Miller: Nurses’

In this exhibition, you will see gritty photos of nurses in action. The photos will look like black-and-white fashion photos. But the story behind these photos is real. You will get an insight into the nurses’ lives. You will be able to see what’s behind those smiling faces of the nurses.

Walter Sickert

At this exhibition, you will see the wonderful works of Walter Sickert. You will see his self-portrait showing his various moods. The portraits go back to 1896. You will be astonished to see how well he captures light in his artwork. You will enjoy looking at his huge collection of art.


This exhibition is a display of renaissance art and will take place in Trafalgar Square. Raphael is a famous artist of the renaissance. He has transformed art into something new. At this exhibition, you will be enthralled to see Raphael’s wonderful creations.

Among the Machines

We all like watching robots in action in movies. But when robots start behaving like humans, it’s terrifying. This is a tech-focused art exhibition. Here, you will see the artworks of Joey Holder using twisted metal and plastic. You will see these extraordinary art pieces hanging from the walls.

Inspiring Walt Disney

If you want to go back to your childhood, then you should go to this exhibition. Here you will see all your favourite Disney characters come alive if the form of European decorative art. You will also enjoy clips from Disney productions at the exhibition.

These exhibitions will attract a lot of art lovers this year. You will also see displays and other programs arranged by the art galleries during these exhibitions. You will have a well-spent day visiting these art exhibitions in London.

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